Give your home an upgrade with the beauty and affordability of vinyl siding.

At Krueger Brothers Construction, we offer vinyl siding services for your Colorado home. As one of the most commonly used forms of siding, vinyl siding offers durability, affordability and is easy to install.

Why vinyl siding

Made of PVC plastic resin, vinyl siding is incredibly strong and durable. Unlike its counterpart metal or aluminum, vinyl siding won’t rust or dent (from a hailstorm). It holds up against the outside elements like rain, sun, and harsh winds. And unlike wood siding, vinyl won’t chip, warp, or rot.

Vinyl siding is a common replacement for wood exteriors due to its near-perfect imitation of traditional lumber. But one of the most liked benefits of vinyl siding is its affordability. Due to the manmade materials used, the price tag is affordable compared to other siding options. Plus because of its easy installation, labor costs for installing vinyl siding tend to come at a lower price tag as well.

Benefits include:

  • Durability
  • Resistant to outdoor elements
  • Holds its shape over time
  • Affordable
  • Quick and easy installation

Vinyl Siding Options

One of the other benefits to vinyl siding is the array of styles, designs, and colors available. Vinyl siding is the most flexible when it comes to matching or coordinating with your home’s exterior. Because it can be made in almost in shade or color, it comes in almost any color.

It’s important to note that if not properly installed by professionals, vinyl siding can leak, and panels can fall off due to high winds. That is why it is highly important to hire a trusted professional to properly install your vinyl siding on your home.

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When you hire Krueger Brothers Construction to install your siding you can expect top-notch customer service throughout the entire process. From the first consultation and estimate to the cleanup and final walk-through after installation.  

Or if you’re looking to replace your siding due to damages incurred during a storm, our team is here to assist you with the insurance claims process. Our company is one of a few in the area that handles the renovation of an entire home exterior.

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