Upgrade your home with the beauty and ease of masonite siding with Krueger Brothers Construction.

Masonite siding is a strong alternative to wood siding. Synthetically constructed masonite boards are made from a mixture of wood fibers, wax, and various resins. These components are fused together for boards that are equally dense from all angles.

Why masonite siding?

Most homeowners prefer the benefits of masonite siding due to its durability and look of wood. Masonite offers the look of wood without the flaws that can come with traditional lumber.

Because of its strength, you will not come across the same effects that wood siding can bring such as shrinking, swelling, or blistering. Another added benefit is the cost savings that come with masonite siding.

Benefits include:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides a more uniform look than natural wood
  • Gentler impact on the environment due to fewer trees used in its production
  • Will not shrink, swell, or blister, like traditional wood

Types of masonite siding

Masonite boards come in a variety of finishes and looks.

  • Shiplap Edge Panel Siding – uses shiplap joints over long edges to be placed vertically.
  • Lap Siding – the most common amongst siding options, horizontal boards that overlap the board beneath.
  • Square Edge Siding – applied in sheets, vertically.  

You can also choose from a variety of finishes such as pre-primed, pre-stained, and pre-painted.

If you are adding siding to a new home, you can expect top-notch customer service throughout the entire process, from the first consultation and estimate to the cleanup and final walk-through after installation.  

If you’re looking to replace your siding due to damage incurred during a storm, our team is here to assist you with the insurance claims process. Our company is only one of a few in the area that handles the renovation of an entire home exterior.

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