Processing an insurance claim doesn’t have to be confusing, scary or time consuming.

Your advantage of turning to Krueger Brothers Construction is we have insurance expertise and experience to handle small loss and large loss insurance claims. Extensive hail storms in our area destroys the exterior of buildings, windows, roofing, rain gutters and more. These epic storms many times cause comprehensive damage that requires home owners and business owners to replace roofs, windows, siding, gutters and more. Krueger Brothers Construction will walk you through the entire process and ensure that all the damage is covered and completed in a timely manner.

Does the insurance paperwork have you confused? Are you 100% positive that your insurance adjuster has done a fair analysis?

Krueger Brothers Constructions understands the insurance process and language. Our professional trained team will examine the damages and the insurance estimate in finite detail to establish with your insurance adjuster that all of the damages have been identified and have been properly accounted for. We will address and handle any discrepancies with your insurance company. We are your voice and representative during the entire process.

This service is provided to all of our customers absolutely FREE! We work for you, the property owner. Choosing us is choosing an Insurance Expert that is looking out for you and your properties best interest. Each job will be assigned to a savvy and qualified insurance Project Manager. An online portal will be set up for each project so you’re up to speed during the entire process of your project. You can expect excellent communication working with Krueger Brothers Construction.

Allow Krueger Brothers Construction to be your advocate through the entire insurance claim. Protect your assets by choosing the best champion, Krueger Brothers Construction

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