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20 Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Better Colorado Living

Michael Krueger

Nov 18 2022

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Enkindle Your Imagination

Your outdoor space isn’t just an extension of your home — it’s a gateway to a world of new possibilities. And no state is better suited to outdoor living than colorful Colorado!

At Krueger Brothers Construction, we exist to bring your dream design to life. That’s why our team has compiled our 20 favorite ideas for outdoor living inspiration.

From personalized pergolas to cozy fire pits, these outdoor setups are sure to spark your imagination and get you started on the road to renovation.

Idea 1: Grill Master

No outdoor living space is complete without a world-class grill. Become the go-to host for neighborhood barbecues, whipping up brats, burgers, and hot dogs from the comfort of your own outdoor space.

For folks who are truly talented with the tongs, consider integrating your grill with an outdoor kitchen! You can drop your spatula, brush, and other cooking tools into the drawers so you’re always ready to fire up the grill.

outdoor grill

Idea 2: It’s Game Day

As a locally-owned Colorado company, we’re always in the mood for a Sunday night showdown — especially when our Broncos are on the field! If you’re hoping to transform your outdoor living space into a haven for sports fans, we know just the way to do it.

Start by making a flat-screen TV the focal point of your outdoor living room (or, if you’re a true fanatic, install multiple screens for multiple games). Then, situate your outdoor furniture around your TV so that everybody can enjoy the fun.

This design is perfect for Colorado homeowners who have some extra room in the backyard. That way, you can sneak in a quick round of corn hole or horseshoes during halftime.

Idea 3: Poolside Escape

Sure, Colorado isn’t the warmest state in the nation, but it is one of the sunniest! There’s no better way to soak up our state’s gorgeous summers than by adding a swimming pool to your outdoor living area.

Here’s the best part: There’s a pool style for everyone. If you’re an avid swimmer, equip your backyard with a full-length pool for exercise. If, on the other hand, you’re just looking to unwind after a hard day’s work, a modest area for swimming should be just right.


Idea 4: Subtle Water Designs

Maybe you love the soothing sound of water, but you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a pool. We don’t blame you. And we’ve got a solution.

Instead of building a full-length pool, incorporate a suite of water features into your outdoor living space. The possibilities really are endless: fountains, ponds, streams — even decorative waterfalls!

Best of all, water features aren’t confined to the backyard. You could spruce up the space out front with an ornamental pond or enhance your driveway with an impressive fountain. When neighbors drive by, they’ll be in awe of your outdoor oasis (and just a little bit jealous, too).

water designs

Idea 5: Front Yard Artistry

What’s one of the best ways to boost the curb appeal of your home? Design a dazzling front yard.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Add a rustic swing to your front porch
  • Pave a path to your front door with bricks or stones
  • Create a seating area by adding lawn chairs
  • Curate a flower garden (or let Colorado’s native flowers run wild!)

These renovations are sure to bring new life to your front yard and increase the long-term value of your home.

Front porch

Idea 6: Garden Gateway

If you’re ready for an escape from city life, enliven your outdoor space with a lush garden. Gardens give you the opportunity to combine different types of inspiration, blending natural beauty and water features with your deck, patio, or driveway.

To conserve water in Colorado’s dry climate, make the most of the wildflowers that surround your home. Native flowers like blue columbine, Indian paintbrush, and wild bergamot will delight your guests. If you’re going for a high-class look, use stones, arches, or a black metal trellis to infuse your garden with a sophisticated vibe.

Idea 7: One with Nature

Before we move on from the natural themes, we’ve got one final suggestion: Build your deck or patio around the existing vegetation. Instead of cutting down the trees and bushes next to your home, include them in the architecture of your renovation!

We’ve seen decks that wrap around trees, patios lined with greenery, and steps that cascade down a hillside. When done properly, these designs are truly awe-inspiring. Plus, you don’t have to destroy any local shrubs, grasses, or trees.

deck with nature

Idea 8: Outdoor Kitchen

Upgrading outdoor living spaces with a high-end grill is one thing. Taking it to the next level with a full-scale kitchen installation is another thing entirely. If you’ve got the room in your budget, it’s a sight to behold.

Complement your grill with a handful of stainless steel appliances: a refrigerator, oven, stovetop — and don’t forget the kitchen sink! Thankfully, stainless steel is more durable than other materials, so it can withstand the occasional Colorado storm.

To protect your kitchen from serious wear and tear, consider adding a retractable awning. Awnings offer shelter from the elements and provide shade on sunny days, allowing you to enjoy your kitchen at any hour.

Idea 9: Social Bar

For a happy medium between a simple grill and a full-blown kitchen, spice up your outdoor space with a built-in bar. It’s no secret: Afternoon barbecues are ten times better with a cold beverage, and crisp winter evenings deserve a warm cider or hot chocolate.

Whether you’re spending your evenings alone or hanging out with company, we’re confident that your level of outdoor enjoyment will skyrocket with a fully stocked bar.


Idea 10: Cozy Fire Pit

Speaking of crisp winter evenings, we’ve got three words that will revolutionize how you spend your Colorado winters: cozy fire pit. If you’re the kind of homeowner that prefers to swap stories instead of staring at a TV screen, make a fire pit area the mainstay of your outdoor space. Thanks to its warmth, you’ll get to carry the conversation well into the evening hours.

If your outdoor living area isn’t quite big enough to accommodate an entire fireplace, don’t sweat it. Portable fire pits, flame bowls, and tiki torches are just a few of the smaller fire features you can install to enhance your home’s exterior.


Idea 11: Personalized Pergola

Few outdoor additions bring more personality to your home than a custom-built shade structure. Pergolas shield against extreme weather, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the sweltering Colorado sun or a sudden burst of December snow.

But there’s more to a pergola than practicality! Instead of thinking about your pergola as an extension of your home, think about it as an individual creation that will complement your home.

For example, if you’re living in a log cabin, you could design an old-school pergola to match the woodsy style of your house. If you’re feeling daring, though, you could modernize your outdoor space with a contemporary pergola design, complete with bold decor and state-of-the-art technology.

custom pergola

Idea 12: Hot Tub Heaven

If there’s one thing Colorado is known for (other than its magnificent scenery!), it’s outdoor activities. From skiing to hiking to mountain climbing, our state is chock-full of opportunities to work up a sweat.

Now, imagine returning home from the trailhead and relieving your soreness by sinking into a relaxing hot tub. Pretty great, right?

Fortunately, hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your outdoor space. And remember — if you don’t want to slip when your feet are wet, surround your hot tub with a high-traction material like composite decking.

hot tub

Idea 13: Outdoor Dining, Colorado-Style

Whether you’re perched at the foot of the Rockies or tucked away between the pines, consider transforming your exterior space into a robust outdoor dining area. An outdoor dining space is easily customizable, with ample options for chairs, tables, lights, awnings, and greenery.

Whatever your taste, you’ll be able to craft an outdoor dining room that will bring joy to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Idea 14: Multi-Tier Projects

Installing a multi-tier deck is the perfect way to maximize your entertainment space. Each story can be used for a different purpose, so your kids can play safely at ground level while you sunbathe on the second floor. Plus, multi-level decks are an awesome fit for Colorado’s sloping terrain!

If you opt for a multi-tier deck, be sure to get in touch with a contractor that specializes in deck building, like the team at Krueger Brothers. Multi-level decks are complicated projects, but our team can walk you through your options and complete your project carefully and efficiently.

Idea 15: A Hyper-Modern Hangout

Renovating allows you to completely reinvent your outdoor living area. There’s nothing stopping you from revamping your home with a cutting-edge exterior design and high-tech equipment.

Unlock the full potential of your home with an infinity pool, waterfall, electronic fire system, or built-in flat-screen TV. Modern styles pair nicely with spacious seating arrangements, so leave plenty of room between benches, chairs, and your dining table!


Idea 16: Golfer’s Paradise

If you’re the kind of person who dreams of strolling the fairways at Augusta, this nugget of inspiration is just for you. Equip your outdoor area with a sloping green so you can practice your putting stroke whenever you have free time. Who knows — with all of those extra reps, maybe you’ll be the next golfer to don the green jacket!

Since Colorado has a dry climate with frigid winters, be sure to use artificial grass. It’ll reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do and ensure that your green is in good shape when spring rolls around.

private golf

Idea 17: Detached Patio

Though it’s nice for just one or two people, a detached outdoor patio is particularly well suited to large families or folks who often host gatherings. Detached patios don’t connect directly to your home, so they offer a substantial increase in usable outdoor space.

To take your backyard up a notch, build a stone walkway between your door and patio. With a little landscaping work, your outdoor living space will form an attractive, harmonious whole.

detached patio

Idea 18: Wraparound

Capture every angle of Colorado’s beauty by surrounding your home with a wraparound deck. You’ll get a chance to watch the vibrant sunrise each morning and bask in the gloaming after the sun falls — all from just outside your doorstep!

Wraparound decks don’t just offer more space for leisure. They’re also primed for new additions. Using the deck as a foundation, you can conveniently install railings, roofing, ceiling fans, and other upgrades.

Idea 19: A Fountain for the Ages

No doubt, miniature fountains and waterfalls are excellent for sprucing up your back or front yard. If you really want to make an impression, though, try adorning your driveway with a full-size fountain.

Fountains don’t come cheap, but they’re ideal for personalization. High-end fountains are often paired with sculptures, allowing you to make an artistic statement that’s visible from the street.

front yard fountain

Idea 20: The Sky’s the Limit

Our final piece of inspiration is bursting with potential. Detached, wraparound, and multi-tier decks are awesome — but few outdoor additions are quite as cool as a custom rooftop deck.

From atop your home, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the Colorado countryside. You could transform your deck into a flourishing garden or install a top-level pool. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll have a stunning rooftop deck that’s equally fit for sunbathing and stargazing.

We Bring Outdoor Spaces to Life

At Krueger Brothers, we live by a motto: You dream it, we build it. Our team specializes in decks, siding, roofing, windows, and doors, so we’re equipped to tackle outdoor renovation projects of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re in the Pikes Peak region, reach out to us today! Our experts are happy to chat with you about your dream project — and whenever you’re ready, we’ll get started on your custom renovation.

Last Modified on 30 November 2022

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