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16 Deck Steps Ideas for Better Colorado Living

Michael Krueger

Nov 15 2022

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When it comes to outdoor living, there’s a lot of buzz around different deck types: attached, detached, multi-tier, wraparound, rooftop — and the list goes on. What few people talk about, though, is one of the most important features of any decking project: the steps!

Here at Krueger Brothers, we believe that Colorado is the nation’s best state for outdoor living. And, as the top deck-building company in Colorado Springs, we love to explore unique, exciting, and downright daring ideas for deck steps.

From magnificent floating steps to magical winding staircases, these are our 16 favorite deck step designs for Colorado homeowners.

traditional stairs

Idea 1: traditional steps

What better place to begin than with a set of classic, old-school steps? They won’t revolutionize the world of exterior design, but traditional steps are sturdy and aesthetically appealing. They can lead to a raised deck, spiral up a multi-level deck, or simply provide a convenient pathway to your outdoor living space.

If you go for a wooden staircase, you’ll want to choose a rot-resistant material like cedar, pine, or oak. For a sophisticated look, sand and polish your steps until they gleam!

Curved step


On the flip side, steps with a smooth curve will add a sleek, modern vibe to your outdoor space. Because nature is rarely angular (especially in Colorado!), curved steps usually look more at home with their surroundings.

Curved steps don’t just contribute to the functionality of your deck; they can actually make it seem bigger! Because of their extra surface area, this style of steps pairs beautifully with an attached, ground-level deck.

Idea 3: Glowing Steps

Now we’re getting to the fun part! Spruce up your staircase with LED accent lighting. It’s available in a wide variety of hues, from bright white to soft orange, and it lends a contemporary feel to your outdoor living area.

As a bonus, well-lit steps contribute to their overall safety. If you’ve got kids running around after sunset (or a pet roaming the property), you can rest assured that they’ll make it back inside without stumbling on a rogue step.

Glowing Steps



Though most people think floating steps are confined to the indoors, they’re actually a fantastic option for outdoor decks! The unique architecture of floating steps makes them perfect for Colorado homeowners who want to stand out from the crowd.

Floating steps can be made of stone, wood, or brick. The vertical distance between steps makes them well-suited for traversing hilly terrain. To complement the waterfall-like aesthetic of floating steps, consider incorporating features like a stream, pond, or fountain into your deck design.


No doubt, winding steps are one of the most versatile types. Some materials — for example, black metal, granite, or marble — offer an impressive, regal character. If, on the other hand, you build your steps from rosewood and embellish them with vibrant paint, a magical quality will settle over your outdoor living space.

A winding staircase isn’t just stylistically daring, though. It’s also impressively compact, which is good news for homeowners who are trying to conserve space


From wildflowers to towering pines, our state is bursting with beautiful vegetation. Why not make the most of the plant life when designing your deck steps?

Though there are countless possibilities, here are a few you might want to try:

  • Drape a vine down your staircase (passion flower, honeysuckle, and wisteria are great options).
  • Line your staircase with potted plants or succulents.
  • Integrate your steps with existing trees, bushes, or shrubs.
  • Let Colorado’s wildflowers run rampant alongside your steps.

Idea 7: Mixing up the Materials

MIxed Materials

Most homeowners stick to one material when building their steps, but there’s no reason you couldn’t combine two natural materials (or more!). In fact, woods with darker stains match nicely with cobblestones.

If you’ve got a creative, bold, or unusual design in mind, our team at Krueger Brothers would love to hear it. We work with homeowners in the Colorado Springs area, and we’re never afraid to take on a challenging project.


This design idea is stellar for folks with a spacious deck. Instead of installing narrow steps that lead to one side of your deck, try turning your entire deck into a staircase! That way, your deck is more accessible, allowing your family and friends to approach it from any angle.

Better yet, steps that surround your whole deck produce a cascading visual effect, giving the impression that your outdoor living space is contemporary and cutting-edge.

Idea 9 Narrow Steps

As cool as wide, waterfalling steps are, narrow steps can still have a place in your deck design. If you’ve got a raised or multi-tier deck, wide steps might be difficult to install (not to mention, expensive!), so narrow steps are an excellent choice.

If you blend your steps into your overall landscaping strategy, they won’t just be practical — they’ll also form a delightful avenue from your yard to your outdoor deck.

narrow steps

Idea 10: Trendy Steps

Deck stairs might not be the first thing people think of when they’re considering an outdoor renovation, but a fashionable set of steps can completely transform your outdoor space.

If your home and deck already have a modern aesthetic, try combining them with a minimalist step structure. Make use of a thin deck railing, striking color combinations (for example, caramel brown with bright white), and fancy features like LED lighting.



As cool as wide, waterfalling steps are, narrow steps can still have a place in your deck design. If you’ve got a raised or multi-tier deck, wide steps might be difficult to install (not to mention, expensive!), so narrow steps are an excellent choice.

If you blend your steps into your overall landscaping strategy, they won’t just be practical — they’ll also form a delightful avenue from your yard to your outdoor deck.

multi level

Idea 12: Multi-Level Steps

Multi-tier decks present a unique challenge for Colorado homeowners. Though multi-level decks are more complicated than most attached or detached decks, they also provide the greatest opportunity for customization.

If you’re thinking about installing a deck with multiple tiers, we’d recommend adding your steps in at the same time. You’ll want to strive for consistency between the levels, ensuring that each flight of stairs offers a comfortable transition to the next floor and matches your personal style

Idea 13: Pergola Steps

Nothing completes an outdoor paradise like a well-designed pergola. And, if you’d like to take your pergola project to the next level, surround it with full-length steps to make it more attractive and accessible.

Plus, when you add steps to the circumference of your outdoor structure (especially if they’re curved steps!), you’ll get to enjoy more usable space each time you slip under the shade of your pergola.

Idea 14: Steps Leading to a Gazebo

Unlike decks and pergolas, most gazebos are freestanding — but that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance them with a nifty set of steps! Though you might need only one or two steps to reach the ground floor of your gazebo, they can still lend a dignified air to the structure.

If possible, consider making the steps a natural continuation of the path to your gazebo. Your guests will love the seamless journey from your home to your outdoor living space.

gazebo stairs


Contrary to popular belief, not all steps need to be smooth and hyper-modern! In fact, gleaming steps would look sorely out of place in certain parts of Colorado. Weathered steps might be the best move for your home if you’re living somewhere with rugged terrain, like the Eastern Plains.

Weathered steps come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • If you’re in an exposed, wind-whipped area, consider a wood with lots of texture and a worn color.
  • If you’re near a rushing river, think about adding chipped stone steps to your deck.
  • If you’re tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, go for lumber with lots of character (knots, patterns, etc.).

Idea 16: Steps With a Water Feature

We’ve saved the most creative for last. We think you’ll agree that most steps already look like waterfalls — why not magnify that reality by merging your steps with some sweet water features?

These are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Carve out a space beside your steps where a stream can run downwards.
  • Line your steps with mini-waterfalls.
  • Add a small pond near your deck, pergola, or gazebo to bring new life to your outdoor space.
  • Place a fountain at the foot of your steps — or, if you’re feeling courageous, embed a fountain into the middle of your steps!

You Dream It, We Bring It to Life

We know that all of the different options for deck steps can be overwhelming. Thankfully, our team of experts is here to help. We’re the top deck builders in Colorado Springs, and we’d love to discuss your dream design with you.

If you’re ready to launch your custom decking project — and design breathtaking steps that will last a lifetime — get in touch with us today.

Last Modified on 06 December 2022

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