Case Studies: Colorado Springs Housing Authority


Colorado Springs Housing Authority asked Krueger Brothers Construction to perform a full roof replacement on one of their homes.  After a detailed examination of the property, we found this roof had very thin decking, 3/8″ with bad ventilation.  There was also improper flashing in place. The poor decking, ventilation, and flashing can lead to a host of issues with the home including wood rot and leaking. The potential for future damage made it imperative that we addressed these issues head on!


After sitting with the homeowners and discussing their options. our team installed 1/2″ OSB for the Roof Deck.  Once the new decking was installed, we completed the roof replacement with brand new Owens Corning Duration shingles. To finish off the job, we installed D-Style Rake metal and Gutter Apron on the Eaves. The roofing project turned out great, and now this home is ready for whatever mother nature may bring its way!