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Roof Replacement in Colorado Springs

We replaced this roofing in Colorado Springs.

Roof Replacement for Colorado Springs Homeowner

We replaced the roofing on this Colorado Springs home.

Presidential Shake Shingle in Colorado Springs

We had a great time converting this wood shake roof to a Presidential shake shingle.

Roof Replacement in the Broadmoor, CO

The homeowner experienced a hail storm.  There adjuster came out and approved a partial roof replacement.  They asked us to help work with the adjuster and handle the claim process.  We were able to get the homeonwer a full roof replacement approved through the claim.  The homeowner is happy because we were able to get the entire roof replacement approved.

Roof Replacement in the Broadmoor

The homeowner needed their old Wood Shake roof repaired.  Their home had experienced a large amount of hail damage.  They made an insurance claim, however the insurance only wanted to pay for a repair.  The homewner asked us to meet with the insurance adjuster to discuss the roof.  We were able to meet with the insurance adjuster and walk them through the proper way to repair the roof.  In this situation the insurance agent went ahead and paid for us to replace the entire roof.  The homeonwers were very excited because we found additional problems with there roof that we were able to take care of all at the same time.  This roof consisted on three types of roofing systems, a sloped roof by GAF, EPDM, and Modified Flat Roof material.  The homeonwers are very excited about having all the roof issues taken care of.

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